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Stop Aging In Its Tracks With These Powerful Tips

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    Is online shopping safe?

    It’s always recommended looking for trusted icons and badges for SSL certificates and safe shopping guarantees when shopping online over the internet. We are a real retail store that has an online ecommerce store named Weshine.ca

    Where do my items come from?

    All items come from our retail store located in Kingsville Ontario, Canada.

    Do you sell beauty and personal care items wholesale?

    Yes, we do sell many products such as beauty, hair care products, and personal items in bulk or wholesale. We recommend purchasing online or contacting support for more details about wholesale or bulk purchasing.

    Do we have the same selection of items as our retail store?

    Our virtual store gives shoppers all the same items we sell in our brick and mortar. We work around the clock on inventory and stock levels.

    What types of items do you stock?

    Our e-store mainly stocks beauty and personal care products, personal hygiene items, gifts, fashion, greeting cards by Hallmark, vitamins, supplements, health products, over the counter medicine and more.

    What makes WeShine different?

    We offer fast delivery, great customer service and low everyday prices for you and your entire family.

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