Fast relief of cravings plus withdrawal symptoms
For those who smoke 25 cigarettes or less a day
Stop smoking aid

NICORETTE® GUM is a medicine that can help you stop smoking by reducing withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings. It can be used to quit immediately (Stop to Quit) or to quit gradually (REDUCE TO QUIT®) by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. To increase your chances of quitting, use with a stop smoking support program as identified in the enclosed User Guide. NICORETTE® Gum can help double your chances of quitting successfully. Although quitting smoking is preferable, NICORETTE® Gum can also be used as part of a REDUCE TO QUIT® program in which it is used to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked prior to quitting in smokers who are not able or ready to quit abruptly. It can also be used in cases in which you temporarily refrain from smoking, for example, in smoke-free areas or in other situations when you wish to avoid smoking.

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