Up to 180% more effective than floss for healthier gums¹

Effortless, thorough flossing with quad stream

Oral irrigator

Quad stream
Unique cross-shaped tip creates four wide streams that cover more area

Up to 3X as effective as floss in removing plaque between teeth and along the gumline¹
Removes up to 99.9% plaque in treated areas²

Pulse wave technology
Guides you from tooth-to-tooth, so you won’t miss a spot

Whisper quiet
Won’t disturb others

Reservoir holds more than enough for 1 cleaning
Quad stream nozzle for thorough, yet gentle cleaning
Standard nozzle for power cleaning between teeth
Choose from 2 flossing modes: clean and deep clean

¹When used with quad stream nozzle on setting 8 with a manual toothbrush in patients with moderate to severe gingivitis vs. using manual toothbrush with string floss.
²In a lab study. Actual in-mouth results may vary.


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