See the difference 3 weeks can make.¹

The lung association believes that the Aerobika OPEP device is a drug-free way to open airways, clear mucus and reduce breathlessness.

How the drug-free Aerobika device works.
The Aerobika device has been clinically proven to reduce COPD flare-ups² and should be used as an add-on to your current COPD treatment.

After use, airways are opened
Vibrations help thin and loosen mucus
Your inhaled medication may work better³

Clinically supported. Drug-free. Easy-to-use.

¹ Svenningsen S et al. Eur respir J 2014;44(58):P3679.
² Burudpakdee C et al. Pulmonary therapy 2017;3(1): 163-171.
³ Wolkove N et al. Chest 2002; 121(3):702-7.


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