Same professional accuracy with no touch
Clinically proven accuracy for all ages
Quick and easy
Colour-coded fever guidance
For infants, children and adults

Breakthrough technology
Innovative technology captures twice as much body heat compared to traditional forehead to traditional forehead products**.

Why No touch + forehead?
The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer gives you accurate readings instantly. The first ever thermometer with the continence of two clinically proven options to take a temperature – completely non-invasive no touch or traditional forehead touch. Also good for use on a sleeping child.

Accuracy sensor guides you to the right distance to take a reading. Get the same, accurate reading whether touching your child’s forehead or measuring up to 5 cm (2 in) away.

Fever guidance
Large colour-coded screen with instant fever detection.

Easy to use and measures instantly in 2 seconds.

Safe and hygienic – No probe covers needed.

Guidance system
Unique on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for taking temperature and gentle guidance light directs you for accurate aiming.

**A traditional forehead product without any optical system to capture radiated heat.


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