Fits lower teeth
For nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism)
No boiling
Slim fit design
Ready to use
Grind protection
Always been BPA free

One Size Fits Most Mouths

PROTECT TEETH From Clenching & Grinding
Comfortable Retention Wall
Adjustable Band
Durable Non-Bulky Bite-pads

PROTECT your Smile

What are the effect of Nighttime Teeth Grinding/ Bruxism?
Nighttime bruxism can be so severe that it’s often compared to putting 250 pounds of force on the teeth and jaws. That’s enough to crack a walnut!

How does DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard provide full-level protection during nighttime teeth grinding with such a slim design?
DenTek Comfort fit is a no boil, ready-to-use dental guard. The non-bulky bite pads help to prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching. By placing the dental guard over one lower molar pair, you get the same level of protection as a full coverage dental guard.

Less Bulk = More Comfort
You won’t find a more comfortable over-the-counter dental guard.


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