5% urea, ceramide-3 & NMF

Moisturizes to repair very dry skin

Very dry, rough, tight skin

Dermatological skincare

Eucerin® skin science that shows
For over 100 years, Eucerin has led skin science innovation with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Today, our products are respected and recommended by dermatologists. Trust Eucerin to give you and your family the confidence that comes from healthy-feeling skin.

Eucerin Complete Repair™ Lotion offers an advanced moisturizing formula that helps very dry, rough, tight skin replenish its moisture balance
– Urea enriched formula intensely moisturizes to help replenish the skin’s protective barrier, and improve the condition of extremely dry, rough, and tight skin
– Ceramide-3 enriched formula to protect the skin’s protective barrier
– Natural moisturizing factors enriched; a combination of moisturizing ingredients naturally found in the skin that intensively hydrate and help prevent dryness
– Non-greasy, fast-absorbing

Dermatologist recommended brand

Delivers 48h hydration

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Dimensions 4.57 × 8.38 × 23.62 cm


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