Bye bye ouch! With pro-sensitive complex
With Japanese cherry blossom and 100% naturally sourced rice bran oil
Reduces the uncomfortable sensation associated with waxing
Effective on short hair
Long lasting professional results
Dermatologist tested

With the Nair PRO-SENSITIVE complex, the wax adheres perfectly to the hair while adhering less to the skin. The uncomfortable sensation associated with waxing is reduced.

Proven Effective on Short Hair
Cire divine coats the hair to gain a firm grip at the hair root. Its effectiveness is proven on hair as short as 2 mm and provides long lasting professional results that last up to 4 weeks.

Gentle on Skin
Indulge in a more pleasurable hair removal with its divine Japanese Cherry blossom fragrance and its formula enriched with 100% naturally sourced rice bran oil and Japanese cherry blossom known for their moisturizing and nourishing qualities. Tested under dermatological control. Without paraben.

Ultra Convenient
With its special microwaveable tub, Cire divine is easy to prepare. With its soft texture, it is easily applied in thin layers, dries quickly and is removed without cloth strips. The 400g tub is sufficient for complete hair removal of the lower legs, underarms and bikini.


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