Pets Don’t Stink Sh*t Storm Rescue Cleaner, 473ml

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WWF PDS Sh*t Storm Rescue, 473ml

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Your pet will get out of the doghouse and back into your good books with this Sh*t Storm Rescue. The natural bio-enzyme technology is combined with plant-based cleaner that digests and eliminates the mess. Great for stains and odours caused by urine, vomit, and feces. Safe for pet beds, furniture, carpeting, sports equipment, and laundry.

Sh*t Storm Rescue uses both good (non-pathogenic) bacteria and active enzymes to break up and absorb pet mess. Urine, vomit, and feces stains will be eliminated from carpet, hardwood, tile, upholstery, clothing, and more.

Earth-friendly, Vegetarian, SLS, Paraben & Dye Free, Cruelty-Free


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