Fast even haircut

Trim-n-flow pro technology
Cut hair flows away for 2x faster* clipping

Corded and cordless use up to 90 min
28 length settings
100% washable for easy cleaning

Long hair comb
Short hair comb
Beard comb

Trim-n-flow pro technology
The new comb design prevents hair of any length from getting stuck in the comb to finish your style in one go

Dualcut technology
Double-sharpened blades for 2 times faster clipping*
* Versus its Philips predecessor

Zero maintenance
Self-sharpening blades

100% washable for easy cleaning**
** Clean with water only

Zoom wheel with 28 lock-in length settings 0.5-28 mm

Stainless steel blades

Turbo mode for thicker hair


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